Summary of Findings… Understanding Heat Drying Systems

Summary of Findings… Understanding Heat Drying Systems

Drymatic Wall and Floor Drying System

Drymatic Wall and Floor Drying System

Summary of findings by Dr Ian Hopkin (Ref 1), Managing Director, DBK Technitherm Limited; of the research paper: Water Movement in Porous Building Materials‐‐VI. Evaporation and Drying in Brick and Block Materials (Manchester University UK),(Ref: 2), along with a brief appraisal of its relevance to the Drymatic Heat Drying System.

In brief the two main conclusions that can be drawn from the research is that at the beginning of the drying process where there is a lot of free water not bound in the materials, a 10°C temperature increase causes a doubling of the evaporative rate (equivalent to quadrupling the number of airmovers).

Following this towards the end of the process where evaporation is decreased due to water being bound in the materials the terminal drying rate increases rapidly with increases in temperature.

(Click here for the full summary and research paper)

Understand more about heat drying

A new course “Understanding Heat Drying” explores the transformational effect drying with heat can achieve in the restoration of a flood damaged building.

 This one day course ‘Understanding Heat Drying’ has been designed to provide an introduction to the basics of heat drying and is the only course of its kind offered in Australia. The Course will be held on the 27 September 2011 in conjunction with The Ausclean Convention and Mould Conference being held At Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast on the 27th and 28th September 2011.

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