Longevity is a powerful thing. It can’t be bought at any price. It has to be earned.

Hydramaster Hydracat 30 years old and still reliable

This is a snip-it of what Doyle Bloss, a 30 years veteran of the industry and the new Marketing and Brand Manager of HydraMaster and US Products, wrote in his latest Hydramaster distributor news letter. A Message from…

I was carefully studying the full line of HydraMaster truckmounts, learning about industry innovations and firsts that the company has brought to the market. I was also taking the time to peruse what some of the other truckmount manufacturers had to say about their latest creations. What struck me was the fact that everyone claims the quality and innovation in their particular truckmount would ensure that the machine would be reliable and last a long time. It got me to thinking…sometimes being innovative is easier than ensuring reliability and longevity. The innovator needs to have a proven track record of performance. That is what I really believe sets HydraMaster as a company and as a manufacturer apart. HydraMaster was there in the very beginning of truck mounts. We have an almost 40 year track record of innovation, but even more importantly, we have a track record of reliability and longevity. When we say engineering designs and component selection will provide 10 or more years of service from the latest Boxxer truckmount, we can demonstrate that through past and existing truckmount models.

Longevity is a powerful thing. It can’t be bought at any price. It has to be earned. I was reminded of this at Connections when a carpet cleaner that I have known for over 20 years came up to me. He and I go way back and one of the things I have always kidded with him about was the fact he was still running his HydraMaster Bobcat Truckmount. Every year when I see him at Connections I ask him how his Bobcat is running. Every year he tells me “like a charm.” I got the same answer this year from him, along with an “I knew it was only a matter of time before you realized HydraMaster was the best truckmount.”


Thank-you for your words of wisdom Doyle.


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