Best Of Both Worlds: Carpet Cleaners Warehouse is pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of the New Hydramaster Boxxer XL Truckmounted Carpet and Tile Cleaning Machine.  Built on the existing very successful platform of the current Boxxer range this machine boasts more vacuum, hotter more sustained solution temperature and a number of other enervative enhancements. The official unveiling will be at our Sydney showroom in October, but we are taking prelaunch order at $2500.00 off the list price. Enquire about this awesome machine to day.

Overview of Benifits:

  • Competitively priced
  • Superior Serviceability: Designed with heavy input from our Technical Services department—specific components were located to facilitate easy maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting:
    • Heat exchanger core – easy to remove for periodic maintenance and cleaning
    • Pump – oil level sight glass, oil fill hole, and belts are easily accessed
    • Electrical compartment – located at the front of the machine to allow the technician easy access for troubleshooting
    • Waterbox – easy to remove even if mounted on 85 gallon fresh water tank
    • Coupler – rubber element can be checked & changed (every 1000 hrs) in <5 minutes with two tools.
    • Greater commonality of parts with other HydraMaster machines provides ease and efficiency of service with less down time
    • Easily serviceable components encourages proper maintenance, resulting in better reliability and longer life.
  • “Quiet Flow” technology for quieter operation, only 70dB through the exhaust). Comparable machines range 80dBA and up.
  • Innovation you’ve come to expect from HydraMaster—Exceptionally designed, stringently tested, components were rearranged to facilitate easy maintenance service

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