Power-packed truckmount – the new HydraMaster Boxxer XL

ImageUncompromising performance in a high level dual wand
Power-packed truckmount – the new HydraMaster Boxxer XL

Incorporating time tested “best concepts” in design and engineering provides built-in reliability. Yet the Boxxer XL provides innovative and industry- first features that place it on a level previously unachieved for a machine in its class. Utilizing the HydraMaster Water Conservation System, it can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without wasting fresh water. Whether you are setting up for carpet cleaning, or doing water extraction on a flood job, the “no-dump”/full bypass heat exchanger system means your hot water is used on the job, not dumped into the recovery tank, saving precious fuel every day.

The Boxxer XL also sets a new standard for quieter operation due to innovative concepts and design in routing and controlling the flow of blower air and exhaust gas. The Boxxer XL produces a decibel level of 68db (at industry standard measurements of 12” Hg, 1.6 gpm water flow with closed doors). This is equivalent to the noise level previously only available with clutch drive, direct drive systems. The Boxxer XL is 20% quieter than a comparable slide-in truckmount.

Finally, the Boxxer XL produces performance levels that most truckmounts only dream about – True dual wand capabilities; 400+CFM (static measurement), attains 245◦F temperature (185◦F continuous flow at 1.25GPM); and proven and tested coupler direct driven blower. Time tested and proven frame and drive system reduces vibration and wear on componentry. Accessibility and serviceability with removable magnetic panels makes maintenance a breeze. With a 31 HP Briggs and Stratton Air Cooled Engine, 4007 Dominator Tri-Lobe Blower, and General 1200 operating psi  (4.0 gpm) solution pump, you get all the power you need for true dual wand capability at an economical price that may surprise you.

For more information on Boxxer XL, and the complete line of HydraMaster truckmounts and accessories, contact Carpet Cleaners Warehouse on 1800 68 68 69, visit our web site at www.ccwonline.com.au


3 Responses to “Power-packed truckmount – the new HydraMaster Boxxer XL”

  1. Fred Says:

    Love that it is quieter, I might have missed it in the write up, but is this truckmount water cooled or air cooled?

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