Rarely offered but highly sought after IICRC leather course to be held in conjuction with Cleanscene in October

ImageReal leather, imitation leather, suede, microfibre, embossing, antique, semi-aniline – identifying what material and finish you’re working with can be half the job when it comes to cleaning leather.

The 2-day IICRC Leather Cleaning Course will give you the skills to offer leather cleaning as a service. Learn how to identify different types of materials and the different types of finishes, which chemicals and procedures are best for different situations and gain the hands-on experience so you can be ready for any type of work on-the-job.

With over 30 years in the cleaning and restoration industry, several thousand students have attended Steve Poulos’ classes in the past and benefitted from his technical and business management and marketing expertise.

Steve not only teaches how to clean and restore leather but just as importantly he teaches you home to market leather cleaning and restoration services and how to grow your business by adding high margin add on services to you repertoire.

Meet the Instructor

Steve G. Poulos lives, breathes and sleeps for a chance to talk dirt! He has been in the cleaning and restoration business for over 30 years and has trained several thousand cleaners in the technical as well as the business aspects of the industry. He brings with him not only a vast knowledge of the industry but a true love for the trade. Because of the many hats Steve wears and pioneering approach to new ideas and products, opportunities have allowed him to teach in all parts of the U.S. as well as England and Australia.

Steve’s expertise comes from years of experiences with his own cleaning and restoration firms. He has also worked along side with interior designers, carpet manufactures, adjusters, departments of health and the University of North Carolina. Steve’s background in finance along with strong customer service ethics puts him as a true leader in the industry as well as a requested source for knowledge, education and training.

Steve is a Clean Trust Master Textile Cleaner and Restorer and a Leather Cleaning Technician (LCT). He also has authored the ‘Leather Cleaning & Identification’ manual used in the LCT course he instructs. He held a position for 6 years on the Board of Directors with the Mid South Professional Cleaners Association and served as the Executive Director during their reorganization. Steve has served as the Regional Editor of Cleanfax for 5 years and has also served on the CUCI council of RIA.

 WHEN 22-23 October 2012 (8.30am start)



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