HydraMaster Releases 2013 Performance Product Catalog

HydraMaster is a leading manufacturer of truckmounted and hard surface cleaning and restoration equipment, chemicals, and accessories. The company has been manufacturing for over 39 years and has led the way in innovation, reliability, and longevity in equipment performance in the cleaning and restoration industry. Carpet Cleaners Warehouse has been the Australian distibutor of Hydramaster for over 20 years.

Hydramaster is pleased to announce the release of its innovative and exciting new 2013 catalog. This 32 page full color catalog details and highlights all of HydraMaster’ s innovative line of truckmounted equipment, including the new for 2013 Boxxer XL. In addition, it serves as an excellent buyer’s guide as it skillfully and carefully helps the reader learn more about the differences and advantages between slide-in and direct drive truckmounts; air cooled versus water cooled engines and more.

The catalog also details HydraMaster’s industry first Golden Guarantee – a two year warranty on most major components. A center spread truckmount comparison chart allows the reader to quickly see and evaluate the features and benefits of the full line of HydraMaster Truckmounts. You can also learn more about HydraMaster accessories such as the RX-20, HydraCradle Water Tank and DriMaster 2 Upholstery Cleaning Tool. All of the company’s wands and tools are featured, including the full line of glided Evolution lightweight wands. Finally, the catalog introduces the new CleanMaster line of cleaning chemicals for carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces.

The HydraMaster catalog can be downloaded in digital form for free, or customers can request to be mailed their free printed version. To request a catalog, simply visit http://www.hydramaster.com, or go the direct request link at http://www.hydramaster.com/HowToBuy/SalesInformationRequest.aspx. You can also call Carpet Cleaners Warehouse on 1-800-68-68-69 and request your free catalog.


2 Responses to “HydraMaster Releases 2013 Performance Product Catalog”

  1. cheap carpet cleaning Says:

    Finally, the catalog introduces the new CleanMaster line of cleaning chemicals for carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces.

  2. FreshsZest Says:

    Great!Thanks for this information.

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